Christian life isn’t boring, religious church life is. The Mission and calling of the Reconnections Ministry is to set Christians free from the stupor the kingdom of man and religion holds them in by opening their eyes, connecting them to the literal, real, engaging kingdom of heaven on earth Jesus brought and now lives in them through the same Spirit who lived in all those inspired saints we read about in our Bibles. To do this requires to thrusts: exposing the counterfeit kingdom—“The Matrix” the world and religion use to keep Christians asleep in the Laodicean lukewarmth Jesus spoke of in Revelations 3, rendering over 90% of them “out of the game” according to their own polls. Second: opening eyes to the life that exists “all the way down the rabbit hole” in the real kingdom— the kingdom of heaven on earth!

We seek the reawakening of Christian men, because if “God’s House” is to again be brought out of the world and into the kingdom, He will use mighty men to do it. This is a battle for our minds, and we need to, as Paul said, “Be transformed by their renewing” if we want to “no longer be conformed to [the kingdom of] this world” (Rom. 12).


Imagine you are a beloved king who has been away on crusades for many years. During that time unscrupulous men have taken the throne, leaving your people crying out for your return. What would that homecoming speech look like? Wouldn’t it be rather lengthy, explaining the extended absence and what was now going to happen to restore the kingdom? Isn’t it fascinating, after 400 years of silence Israel’s King returned with a speech that was comprised of just nine words? Just nine. Let that sink in for a moment. Think they were important?

After 400 years of silence, these nine words were proclaimed through John the Baptist to herald Jesus’ coming, and later were the basis His first sermons. We believe they are the most important words Christian men can embrace to awaken them from the religious malaise. In “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” we find the most important message of Jesus. “Change your mind, turn to Me, and open your eyes to an entirely new kingdom and reality I have literally brought from heaven to join to earth!” Not only was it Jesus’ announcement message:

  • It introduced an entirely new concept, the kingdom of God, never before made available to men.
  • It was the first request in the Lord’s Prayer: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
  • It opened the majority of His parables: “The kingdom of heaven can be likened to…”
  • It was what Jesus told us to seek above all else: “But seek first His kingdom…” (Matt. 6).
  • It was Jesus’ gift to His church, “And upon this rock I will build My church…I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven” (Matt. 16).
  • “The gospel of the kingdom” was the only gospel Jesus was specifically recorded as preaching, and the one which will be the last one preached to the whole world before His return (Matt. 24).
  • It is God’s great reward only given to true disciples and no one else. Jesus said to His, “To you it has been granted to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them [even others who followed Him] it has not been granted” (Matthew 13).

If we seek to live by the message of these nine words first, and the One who embodied it, “everything else will be added unto us” (Matt. 6). What Paul said of Jesus has become the mission of Reconnections, and the hope is that someday it will become yours as well, “For He rescued us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son” (Col. 1)! We exist to encourage men to make the critical leap from the kingdom of man and religion [“domain of darkness”] into the kingdom of God’s beloved Son [the kingdom of heaven on earth], for while life there is not easy, it is always challenging and never, ever boring!

Once men’s eyes are opened to the kingdom, we want to help them learn the language of the kingdom [hearing His voice through personal revelation] and to find shepherds like Jesus in the marketplaces of America to follow and emulate. We desire to return them to Jesus’ model of shepherds and sheep, mentors and apprentices, disciplers and disciples and help them find communities of other kingdom men that follow Paul’s prescription for the church found in 1st Corinthians 14 where all contribute, all learn, and all are encouraged.

As men’s eyes are opened to the kingdom and they reengage with the Biblical model of God’s church and discipleship, the Ecclesia, they will naturally reengage the communities around them in the marketplaces of everyday life [for more information go to]

Call to Action!

God doesn’t expect us to accomplish what only He can, but He does expect us to accomplish whatever we can.

  • Read all the pages of this website, sign up for the blogs and get my book, The Kingdom Election [when it becomes available summer of 2021], find a small group who will do likewise and gather to understand and engage the kingdom.
  • Meditate on the nine words and ask God to reveal the Matrix and His kingdom to you.