Books to awaken you and your small group!

The Lost Supper (on Amazon)
Restoring Communion’s power to guide us through the storms of life

Ever wonder why there never seems to be the right setting to confess your deepest troubles and fears in church settings? Always too many people and not enough intimacy or guidance? Does it feel right we should have to pay other Christians money to confess our sin? Truth is, God has provided a powerful ceremony to find true emotional healing within the body. Communion…that’s right Communion, is His ultimate gift for rooting out sin-addictions that are paralyzing the faithful. Yet, through improper, irreverent practice, as with so many instances in the church today we’ve neutered its power to heal and transform. As Paul promised, the result has been too many “weak, sick, and spiritually asleep” among the faithful. But the power is still there for us, and we can reconnect with it! Make your small group a powerful place of confession, prayer, and healing through the ceremony God gave specifically for that. Read The Lost Supper, and find out why Paul said Communion literally contained the power of life and death.

Praying Today’s Psalms (on Amazon)
A New Covenant approach to an ancient discipline

Does your prayer life leave you wanting? Most men’s do. Mike called his prayer disease “Mindusconstantwanderitis,” starting with all good intentions but then dissolving into total loss of focus and any feeling of connection with God. But then he found in the Psalms a powerful, focused and connecting way to pray God’s own words. Romans 8 says we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit can intercede on our behalf because He searches both the hearts of men and the mind of God. The Psalms is the only book of the Bible that actually invites us into an intimate relationship between a flawed man and God, and we can now join them! Praying the Psalms is an ancient spiritual practice that has been lost today, due partially to difficulty with their Old Covenant concepts that run counter to the new covenant. Mike removes those stumbling blocks by Newtestamentizing the Psalms. A favorite discipline of ascetics around the world, praying the Psalms ignites passion, restores focus and reverence, and establishes integrity and intimacy with the God who loves us. In this first volume of 47 Psalms, Mike includes the Psalms to pray, a short devotional containing his thoughts, and space for you to journal yours.

The Kingdom Election
(available early-mid 2021)

Before it happened, God had “quit caring for His people.” Before it happened, the sheep of the house of Israel were hopelessly lost. But then it did happen, that God sent His Son into the world with a mission to reach “the lost sheep of the house of Israel,” and did it with a nine-word message that changed everything! After over 400 years of silence, just nine words: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” Two entirely separate realms now exist from which the Christian can choose here on earth: the kingdom of man and the kingdom of heaven on earth. Religion and the world have teamed up to lead us to believe one is our present reality and one our future reality, and we can satisfy both. Beginning with a chapter that likens the stark nature of the illusion we live into the blockbuster “Matrix” trilogy, The Kingdom Election is the culmination of Mike’s 40-year journey with Christ, during which He opened Mike’s eyes to an entirely new and different perspective, along with a new reality. But we must elect to “seek first His kingdom” above all else if it is to be granted to us.  By preaching and living the “gospel of the kingdom” Jesus led those lost sheep of God’s house into the light then, and it will be the same today as the kingdom arises in new power and authority in these last of days!